How to create a VMware Workstation 12 virtual machine on Windows 7/8/10

PLCShare would like to introduce to you how to create a professional virtual machine with VMware 12 easily, quickly and in detail, you can install as many operating systems as you want.

Cách tạo máy ảo VMware Workstation 12 trên Windows 7/8/10 - Full Key Cr@ck

Virtual computer is a powerful tool for KTV. Virtual desktops help create any operating system that is compatible with the software you want to use but is not compatible with the operating system you are using. Virtual computer is also a tool to create a ghost, check the installation of ghost, win, test software to avoid viruses entering the real computer and in addition virtual computers have many other benefits,...

Link download software

Required software: Download link

Video tutorial:

(If you get the error " This installation package is not supported by this processor type. Contact your product vendor. ", then download VMware 10 and install it similarly to VMware 12)

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