The fastest and most effective way to learn a foreign language for the dumbest

 Am an English idiot like everyone else and looking for the best method. Probably found and shared for friends like me! You and I try together!

When it comes to learning foreign languages ​​in general, the most popular one being English learning, the vast majority of Vietnamese people shake their heads and stick out their tongues. Learning English is not said to be easy, most of them will be returned to the teacher after finishing, or it is very difficult to get a sufficient vocabulary, or spend a lot of money to attend famous language centers without Sometimes the results do not correspond to the amount of money spent. Most will be discouraged because they see all their efforts going down the river, or feel that they are not perfect because only writing is good, but listening and speaking are like Shit, some even feel that a foreign language is something real. horrible and a self-obsession.

The common type of learning that teachers often use at school is to teach sentence patterns, to teach awkward words, to teach grammar, and then to put words into the sentences that have been taught. Teaching and learning like that, only someone with a super memory and extremely high reflexes can be quite successful. So in general, a foreign language class is fortunate enough for only a few students to understand.

Even when I was 22 years old, I still couldn't come up with a good English sentence. There was even a time when I was really discouraged because I thought I would never learn a foreign language in my life. When I see West on the street, I'm so scared because I don't know what to say, he asks for directions or asks me now I want to put my pants on my head because it's too humiliating because I can't say a word. Seeing a few friends who work for foreign companies speak English fluently like breaking firewood, but they have boundless admiration and admiration. I tried many times to study but then I got there, my foreign language level is still not much better than grade 1 at the village school.

Then the fateful day it came, I met an American English teacher, fortunately he can speak Vietnamese. I lamented the situation like a poor man meeting the Buddha. He showed me how to learn a foreign language simply, effectively and with very little money. He said that was the way he learned Vietnamese.

By the way, I always share that method so that anyone who needs it can apply. But remember that any learning style is the same, self-effort is the most important, and you have to get rid of the shame, the shyness to hope to improve, otherwise, it's best to never complain about it. Why don't you get better when you study?

Specifically, that way of learning is this, only encapsulated in the following four words; LEARN LIKE A PLACE


This way you need to have a bilingual book. It is not difficult to find and buy this kind of bilingual book. And it must be accompanied by a disc to practice listening and reading.

Start with the most beginner book of English, for example, StreamLine 1.

YOU LEARN by heart the short conversations. When learning, read aloud like a child. If you don't know how to pronounce it, turn on the CD and listen, then imitate it and read it. Read it over and over (remember to read it out loud). Don't try to learn much, every day you just memorize 2 short conversations.

WHEN YOU KNOW THE LESSON, start reading aloud and write down the conversation. Where you don't understand, just look at the Vietnamese part.

That's it, the process is extremely simple. LOOK, READ LOUDLY, WHEN LOOKING, READ AND WRITE ON PAPER. That means with one lesson, you practice both reading, writing and listening. Don't pay attention to sentence patterns or grammar, just memorize that conversation. You practice speaking when you are reading aloud, and when you read aloud you are practicing listening, when you rewrite the lesson you are practicing vocabulary and spelling.

The next day rice again the previous day. If you are still confused, it is best not to study new lessons, but to re-learn the old lessons to really memorize the ones. The learning method and process are still the same as above.

LIKE THIS, a short conversation you have learned at least 3 words. Every day you maintain that, it only takes about 1 hour, not too much, and less time than you will have to run to the language center, park the car, go to school, and then run. Get the car, run home. etc. After 1 year, at worst you have 1000 words, more than enough for you to talk jubilantly with foreigners.

After you have mastered the short conversations, you move on to the essays describing scenes, objects, and people. THE WAY TO LEARN AS SAME, NEVER CHANGE.

Just like that, at some point, it will seep into you when you don't know it, someone who is smart will see their foreign language improve in about 6 months, if they are slow, it will take about 1 year. After that, you will improve your foreign language by yourself in many ways such as reading more English language books with longer, more in-depth essays, reading English newspapers to learn more common vocabulary, reading novels. , read thematic materials, etc.

The American teacher said, “Never learn vocabulary in isolation. Because each word will have different meanings when in different sentences or different contexts. Learning words in sentences and paragraphs is the best and easiest to remember.”

When you memorize all the lessons, you will react faster when confronted. Simply pull out the entire sentence in your head, replace it with another suitable pronoun, change the time, change the place and suddenly it becomes your story. Like once when I went to Hanoi, on the way from Noi Bai airport to the center, I accidentally sat next to a foreign friend. She turned to talk to me. When she turned to look at me, I started to get nervous, because since I learned the new way, that was the first time I had a problem. She raised her voice and asked simple questions like "Hello, what's your name?" Blah blah blah. I could answer all of them, and after each answer, I felt like a flag was opened in my stomach, excited because I never thought I would respond so riskily. Then he asked again, something like “how many times have you been to Hanoi? I've never been to Hanoi so I don't know what it's like, I've only known it in Saigon before." Ah, so I took the whole essay describing the scene in England that I learned in the book, changed all the places, times, temperatures, and climates into a description of Hanoi and talked to my friend. foreigners listen. That night, I almost couldn't sleep because I was so happy. After many years of trying in vain, I finally succeeded with my English.

I'm not a person with a good memory, nor am I outstanding at all. But if an average guy like me can learn English, you can definitely do it, just because you haven't learned it the right way. This way of learning has turned me from a guy who doesn't know a single word of English, to a guy who has enough vocabulary to translate movies for money. When you have a suitable way to learn, then you just need to work a little harder and everything will be ok. Remember, the right way to learn is only a means, your own efforts are the key to the final result. Or it can be added that, no matter how much effort you put in without the right way to learn, it is like having the key but no means, so you will continue to walk for a long time. Ha ha ha ha.

POSTSCRIPT; This way of learning is applicable to all other types of foreign languages


Good luck to you and I!