Download TIA Portal V16 Full Version - Google Drive link

Siemens released TIA Portal V16 in December 2019. Siemens has extended engineering with new, more practical functions for various stages ranging from planning to connecting to operations. Continuous integration into the development process is the focus of innovations. Technical standardization, cross-team integration, and integrated functional testing are examples of these. This enables users to improve the quality of their products, reduce downtime, and lower engineering costs.

TIA Portal V16 - Highlights

WinCC Unified
  • New HMI (Engineering and runtime) 
  • Panel scalability to SCADA 
  • New HMI Comfort panel 
  • Modern user interface, openness, new options.
WinCC - Innovations
  • Operator panels: multilingual keyboards, HMI Plus V3 option 
  • WinCC Advanced: ProDiag system function "ShowBlockInTIAPortal" 
  • WinCC Prof: String Tag Archive, Integ. sim tag., ProDiag extensions
StartDrive - Innovations
  • SINAMICS S120 Blocksize (CU310-2, PM240-2) 
  • SIMATIC Drive integrated controller S120 S120 protection know-how 
  • DCC support aperture
Hardware configuration
  • CPU 1513pro (F) -2 PN 
  • IP forwarding trace between devices 
  • Direct communication on the basis of PROFINET IRT 
  • JSON RPC2.0 as new "Web data interface" 
  • S7-1200 FW4.4
Siemens shows us some changes that are contained in the version of the TIA Portal V16. Here you can download the pdf file: TIA_Portal_V16_en.pdf

System requirements

  • Supported operating systems: Windows 7/10 and Server (32/64bit) 
  • Processor Intel® Core ™ i3-6100U, 2.30 GHz minimum 
  • RAM 16 GB (min. 8 GB, 32 GB for large projects) 
  • Hard disk SSD with 50 GB free storage space 
  • Network 1 Gbit (for multi-user) 
  • Screen resolution: 1024 x 768

Link download TIA Portal V16 - GoogleDrive High-speed link

1. TIA Portal STEP7 Prof Safety WinCC Prof V16.0
GoogleDrive link | Original link

2. TIA Portal STEP7 Prof Safety WinCC Adv Unified V16.0
GoogleDrive link | Original link

GoogleDrive link

4. S7-PLCSIM Advanced V3.0
GoogleDrive link | Original link

5. SIMATIC WinCC Runtime V16.0
Siemens link:

- SIMATIC_WinCC_Runtime_Professional_V16: GoogleDrive link
- SIMATIC_WinCC_Runtime_Advanced_V16: Original link
- WinCC Unified PC Runtime V16: Original link 1 - Original link 2

6. S7-1200 / S7-1500 Firmware update
- Download SIMATIC_Firmware_S7-1200: High speed link | Backup link
- Download SIMATIC_Firmware_S7-1500: High speed link | Backup link

7. Other software in TIA-Portal V16
- SIMATIC_Automation_Tool_V3_1_4: High speed link
- Startdrive_Advanced: High speed link

8. Sim EKB Install for TIA Portal V16
- Sim EKB Install 2021_06_01: High speed link

* Password Extract ALL Software 1:

Video Tutorial Install TIA Portal

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